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Develop and host your custom applications in the cloud !
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Start developing Plomino apps now !

Build plomino appStep 1: Build

Sign up for free and create your own applications immediately.

With your free account, you can develop your Plomino applications in your development workspace and test them with your test user accounts.
And you get 5 support tickets for free.


publish plomino appStep 2: Run

Publish your application online on your Plomino cloud dedicated site.


maintain plomino appStep 3: Maintain

Improve your application in your development workspace and push your changes on production whenever you want.

What is Plomino ?

Plomino is a powerful and flexible web-based application builder.

Plomino in the cloudCreate and design forms in WYSIWYG mode.


Plomino in the cloudEasily embed charts or maps.

Plomino in the cloudCreate specific actions (compute field values, send email, search, etc.).

Plomino in the cloudAdapt the behavior depending on user rights in a very granular way.

Plomino in the cloudImport/export structure and data over HTTP between remote servers.

See Plomino in action in a screencast tutorial.

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